The Strongest Type of Cock Fighting is Most Interested

The Strongest Type of Cock Fighting is Most Interested

The Strongest Type of Cock Fighting is Most Interested – After going through several stages of the filtering process, we are finally able to perfect the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources, the strongest and most popular fighting cocks.

As we all know, the development of cockfighting in Indonesia has existed since ancient times and has even become a culture. The culture to fight chickens is an ancestral culture in Indonesia, many of our ancestors have carried out this tradition from time immemorial.

Unfortunately there are still many players who use this fighting cock as a means of gambling, in Indonesia itself cockfighting or cockfighting is a crime. Until now there are various types of fighting cocks that are popular and most often used by chicken lovers.

There are various types of the best fighting cocks from various countries such as Brazil, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, even from Indonesia too many. Now on this occasion we will review some of the best types of fighting cocks that are most often used by chicken lovers.

Best type of fighting chicken often used by chicken loversBangkok Chicken

Which chicken lover does not know this type of chicken. As the name “Bangkok”, which is taken from the name of the capital city of Thailand, it is certain that this chicken comes from Thailand.

Bangkok chicken is not like other chickens, the spread of this chicken is very fast, in Indonesia it is very easy to find this chicken.

Bangkok chickens are known as true fighters, not only fast and strong on the fighting arena, Bangkok chickens are also considered to be the most brainy or smartest chickens in the battle arena in terms of finding effective ways to knock down opponents. That’s why this chicken is number one in the eyes of chicken lovers.

Brazilian Chicken

As the name implies, this chicken comes from Brazil, its popularity is quite high. Berazil chicken itself has a lineage with Shamo chickens originating from Japan, then over time this chicken was bred in the South American archipelago.

Brazilian chickens have a pretty great ability when the conditions get hotter. Brazilian chicken itself has a distinctive characteristic, namely the color of brown feathers with yellowish color. In terms of posture, the characteristics of Brazilian chickens are almost the same as Pelung chickens, which have a tall, sturdy body. Not only good in the fighting arena, but this chicken is also good at throwing opponents with unexpected blows because they are so fast.

It’s incomplete if you don’t have this one rooster from Brazil as one of the best fighting cock collections.

Burmese Chicken

Now Burmese Chicken or Burmese chicken is a type of fighting chicken originating from Myanmar. Also known as a true fighting cock who is fearless. Burmese chickens have the fastest punches and movements compared to other fighting chicken breeds.

However, the shape and size of a small Burmese chicken 2 -2.5 kg, the bones are also small and thin. Not a few breeders have also tried to create fighting chicken seeds from the cross-breeding of Burmese chickens with other types of chickens.

Shamo chicken

Chicken Shamo originates from Japan, also known as “Mini Ninja from Japan”. This is because this shamo chicken is known as a chicken that has fast movement and has an incredibly accurate and deadly shot.

Compared to other fighting cocks, the Shamo chicken is the most athletic in physical form, with a tall and upright posture capable of straightening up to 95 degrees when standing. Physical characteristics: has a three-split comb (walnutcomb), bright eyes, a large and strong beak. The tips of the wings are slightly out of the body, the wing joints are clearly pointed upward, the thighs are strong muscular and clearly visible.

Horizontal tail line, in the direction of the back or between the dorsal line and the color of the calf feathers is yellow or yellow with black patches for chickens with a predominance of black. The weight of male chickens is around 5.6 kg and females are around 4.8 kg.…

Advantages of Playing Sportsbook Gambling at a Trusted Agent

Advantages of Playing Sportsbook Gambling at a Trusted Agent

Advantages of Playing Sportsbook Gambling at a Trusted Agent – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, along with the advantages of playing sportsbook games at a trusted agent.

Online soccer gambling games found on this trusted online gambling site, you don’t need to hesitate anymore in terms of quality and are officially licensed in the management of the online gambling service.

There are lots of people in Indonesia who are looking for this trusted online soccer gambling site.

Because it is very natural that there is a lot that is offered by these sites that provide benefits to its members.

This online soccer gambling site itself has been operating, whose center is in the Philippines, which has received official permission to manage the online betting service.

Therefore, it is no wonder that most of the people in this world have entrusted a trusted online soccer gambling site as a medium for playing online soccer gambling.

Because these sites have enormous appeal that can make a huge impact on the popularity of the online gambling world today.

However, in today’s rapid development, it turns out that there are still a lot of people who are somewhat confused.

Confusion is about what benefits you can get when you play online soccer gambling on this trusted site.

If you are one of the people who asks about what benefits can be obtained when playing this trusted online soccer gambling.

So here you will get the answer, what are the benefits. Let’s look at the answer as follows:

There are many types of online gambling games

The first advantage you will get is about the supply of games that have been provided by a trusted online gambling site, which is very easy.

Surely this will be of benefit to all the players with the many types of games that have been provided.

And it can make those of you who join in it will be able to move from one game to another easily.
There are bonuses that are interesting

The next advantage is that there are very attractive bonuses that can provide benefits for its members.

In this online soccer gambling game, online gambling agents always give a bonus that is very attractive.

Which is where the players can get the bonus easily and easily. Because the purpose of giving the bonus is to give the players a feeling of satisfaction.

That way, the members will be very enthusiastic in playing their wishes to be winners in the game.

Ease When Making Transactions

The next advantage when you play online soccer gambling games on this trusted site is when you make a transaction.

Transactions are good when you make a deposit process so you can run online soccer gambling games on the site.

And even now you can easily and easily make a deposit transaction to an agent that provides online gambling games without having to use real money.

Because doing the transaction is only by transferring to between banks where the goal is you can get the bank account number from the agent.

So that way you can easily play the online soccer gambling game. Currently, the transaction system for making a deposit is that the members will transfer money.

Which will be used as a playing capital with the minimum amount that has been set by the site.

After transferring an amount of money, it will be converted into credit or balance into your game account according to the nominal value of the money that has been deposited.

In addition, the convenience of making transactions has been supported by well-known local banks, for example, such as BRI, BNI, BCA and other banks.

With the existence of this local bank, it will definitely be an advantage in itself for those of you who are players in Indonesia.

Because playing online soccer gambling on a trusted site can now be played with real money in rupiah.

The availability of services that are active for 24 hours non-stop

And another advantage that you can enjoy while playing and joining the trusted online soccer gambling site is the availability of services that are active 24 hours non-stop.

So that you, who are players on the site, can contact the customer service.

With the feature service of Live Chat or the other, you can contact him anytime. The 24-hour active service also does not only serve official players.…

Negligence Avoidance in Online Casino Gambling

Negligence Avoidance in Online Casino Gambling

Negligence Avoidance in Online Casino Gambling – Maybe you have read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, along with the avoidance of negligence in online casino gambling.

Maybe you’ve read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, here is the avoidance of negligence and ways to avoid some of the losing factors in online gambling. Ways to Avoid Some of the losing factors in members playing casino gambling. Before we provide information, we must first consider what gambling is. Gambling, ordinary people play as entertainers, do not want to play will be rich. And if those who really play at online gambling will know what are the risks in playing online gambling. At gambling you cannot be rich in playing it if you are not greedy in playing it. Because sometimes those who play online gambling, the lust in power is not satisfied with the victories they have won. And not happy when you experience defeat at online gambling. Therefore, the ways to avoid losing in online gambling are listed below.

  • Control your anger when playing at online gambling because when you cannot control this game. You can lose when playing online gambling. The solution is you have to play with a cool and relaxed head in the various games you play on online gambling. If at the time of experiencing defeat, try to stop first and continue in a while or tomorrow you can too. Because Gambling has no time when you will play and when you have to stop playing on online gambling sites. In every gambling there is a name of winning and there is also a name of losing, therefore you are expected to play financially. Because every Member has the opportunity to win in online gambling.
  • Play according to the knowledge of the game you are good at because if it is the game you usually play. It will be comfortable to be played by yourself without any confusion that arises in you. The rest, you leave it to fate whether the game will win or not. The important thing is you have to be sure you can win any game you know. For example, installing a ball or installing a lottery on a trusted online gambling site. Condition your finances while you can control playing online gambling sites. All must be conditioned in all respects.
  • Try playing with small stakes because starting small can get big when playing. We have just started the usual game with a small bet, if in the game you are winning, then you have to be clever in arranging the betting pattern of small bets, medium bets or big bets. Because if you have achieved your target victory, you can stop for a moment and withdraw funds first. There is still tomorrow and beyond in playing this online gambling. Moreover, playing on a cellphone is safer and there is no fear of playing it. And regarding the Bonus you have to check which website you enter. And don’t be afraid to ask about the problem with the account if you can’t log in because the customer service has the right to ask for the timing.
  • Playing according to the conditions you don’t want to play, don’t force it to play. Because if there is no intention of playing sometimes you can lose a lot and don’t think of something that you lost a few days ago. Because playing to achieve victory is not to reap defeat. And our advice is to choose a site that has clear bonuses or services in serving you. That is the most important thing in playing a comfortable or safe site.
  • Follow in the footsteps of professionals who play in every gambling game. Because if a member who is already professional at playing he will know how to win consecutive wins or lose and win when playing online gambling sites. Professional people always play with strong fillings in playing gambling and always focus on playing according to their knowledge or money conditions when playing on online gambling sites. Hopefully this is useful for members who play online gambling. Thanks . send regards for success
Steps to Play Slot Gambling at a Trusted Agent

Steps to Play Slot Gambling at a Trusted Agent

Steps to Play Slot Gambling at a Trusted Agent – Maybe you’ve read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, here are the steps to play online slot gambling as a trusted agent.

Slot gambling is one of the gambling games that has always been the center of attention of gamblers around the world. This gambling game has been played by pulling a lever through this machine.

Now comes a form that can be played much more practically, namely online based since a few years ago. You no longer have to visit the casino house, you can enjoy this game using your gadget such as a cellphone or laptop at any time.

Online gambling has advantages such as in terms of the practicality it offers because all online gambling games can be played anywhere and anytime. In addition, betting slots on the best online slot gambling sites will also receive various promos and bonuses.

Things like this will not be felt if you bet on a real slot machine. However, at least before joining an online slot gambling site there are things you need to pay attention to. First, you make sure that the gambling site you choose is a licensed gambling site and will always provide good and responsible service.

A licensed site guarantees all safety and fair play. If this is fulfilled, you don’t need to worry about starting to register yourself with the online gambling site.

On this occasion, we have summarized a number of steps, in total there are 5 steps that you might learn about how to register on a safe and trusted online slot site. Check out the description below !!!
Steps to Play Online Slot Gambling

Finding Trusted Sites

The first step you must take if you want to play online slot gambling is to find a trusted gambling site. Find the trusted gambling site first, before you take the next steps.


The process of creating an account at one of the online slot gambling sites is quite easy and simple. Players will not spend a long time in the registration process, it may only take 5 – 10 minutes in the process of creating a playing account.

In the process of creating an account you are only asked to fill in your personal data such as email, no. account, bank name, no. Mobile,
and some other information.

If you see a referral code column you don’t need to fill it in if you find the gambling site on your own. However, if any of your friends or relatives refer you, you can fill in the referral code field.

Creating an account you receive a username and password. And this is what
become your play account. Remember this is secret because you will always use it when you want to start betting gambling and your money will also go into your playing ID.

Make a Deposit

Deposit is an obligation that must be carried out by every player who wants to bet on online gambling or online slots. Money will be exchanged for the number of coins that apply in the online slot gambling game.

How to make a deposit by transferring some of your money to the site and later this money will become a credit to your playing account. Your credit value will be in accordance with how much you deposited.

You can deposit it into a registered account. Trusted sites certainly provide several types of local banks.

Start Playing

After your playing account is filled in according to the money you deposited, you will be ready to choose the slot game you want to play. There is a large list of slot games that you can play and we recommend that you choose the type of game that is very, very popular.

Usually these popular games are in the top positions and these are the ones that provide fantastic jackpot games and usually they are also fun games to play.

You can try the free trial feature first if you don’t feel confident about betting with real money. Using this feature, you will play as if you were betting with real money.

However, if you lose the free trial it will not reduce your playing money. When you feel comfortable and feel you can play it, then you can try to bet online slots using real money.

Withdrawal / Withdrawal of Funds

if you already want to take your winnings then you must
make money withdrawal / withdrawal transactions. You do this by opening a gambling site and looking for the withdraw menu.

You will do the same thing as filling out the deposit form, however, what you will do is fill out the withdrawal form. Here you will be asked to fill in the form provided and you can fill in the nominal amount that you want to withdraw in multiples of 50,000.…

The Deep Secret of Online Poker Gambling Games

The Deep Secret of Online Poker Gambling Games

The Deep Secret of Online Poker Gambling Games – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, here are the in-depth secrets of online poker gambling.

For those of us who are used to playing secrets, the secret of online poker is that we have overcome technical weaknesses as well. Of course, we make a lot of profit while playing the game and may want to know the secrets of playing poker. Also, almost everyone focuses on the game rather than getting the deck so full that he forgets to play. Enjoy the game but it is there and we want it when we play the most reliable online poker game. In this way, we will remember the types of games to prevent errors. This is one of the secrets that must be known at the same time.

First of all, it is not necessary to have someone like a professional and sometimes with the best facts. Those with expertise or skills will get the attention of many people, but we hope to win. Don’t stand out and we say this because there are many people who feel the value of professional athletes who win small and the secret to success is success. And we can trust us to win our own, and a sneaky trick is something a lot of people have been successful at using.

In terms of online poker, each online casino will be divided into several categories according to the medium of play. This game is divided into lottery cards, dice, balls and slot machines. On card games, players can choose the most popular games are Casada, Salmon poker, poker and other games. Most jackpots are out of play. Every chance everyone including us can give and have questions about the tournament. There is a difference between online gaming and live matches, both of which result in different games being successful. In virtual games that are easier to manage than online games, use the most detail for real-time poker tournaments.

The secrets you should know in the game of poker betting

Until it doesn’t take time, and if we’re really poker fans, we encourage you to give poker tournaments a try. Playing poker and playing real poker had different challenges and emotions before online poker. In that game, the game of poker is very broad for us and there is still fair competition with professional players. We’ve never seen each other and we were able to show our skills in front of professional poker players.

There are also many reasons why players tend to lose when playing the game, which is one of the reasons players don’t want to bet. In online gambling, gambling does not use a lot of energy and energy. The real challenge in gambling is that through live matches, we will feel that we are professional poker players and even games that provide a gaming experience. As a live poker player this experience is very interesting. We won’t be able to find this experience in online games, so don’t be afraid to lose it. Buying a low deposit reduces the risk of paying off debt and for poker players, this is not uncommon.

Online gambling sites not only But only serve Indonesia But many of the leading gambling websites are fake websites This is another new technology on betting sites. The first technology is the first technology. We frequently visit international gaming websites and each gaming site usually has a game developer name. Don’t forget to get fan approval and make sure it’s in the location where you want to access these sections. The second problem, apart from the license, the certificate of origin, is the first page.

The secrets you should know in the game of poker betting

By suggesting gambling information and techniques, we will conclude whether the website is fake or not. In addition, all three countries provide online games. (Like the United States) it has its own rules for placing bets. And only country websites can be cheap, while American gamers want to bet on foreign websites. The tax has to be paid first and then the fourth tax is that in Indonesia there are no specific rules for online gambling. Gaming websites can make money easily and sometimes the system can make money. But sometimes it can make players want to bet.

Therefore, without rules, it is difficult to summarize which websites are legal and illegal. Gambling websites use deceptive techniques to carry out their activities and don’t let us be fooled by the intelligence of this site. In the eyes of this player, this is interesting. Don’t be surprised if the scam website owner is savvy in communication science. Therefore, in anticipation of cyber criminals’ sniffing behavior, we need to pay attention to every site we visit. About what is considered suspicious, such as prejudiced taxes, extra-standard bonuses and misinformation.…