The Strongest Type of Cock Fighting is Most Interested

The Strongest Type of Cock Fighting is Most Interested

The Strongest Type of Cock Fighting is Most Interested – After going through several stages of the filtering process, we are finally able to perfect the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources, the strongest and most popular fighting cocks.

As we all know, the development of cockfighting in Indonesia has existed since ancient times and has even become a culture. The culture to fight chickens is an ancestral culture in Indonesia, many of our ancestors have carried out this tradition from time immemorial.

Unfortunately there are still many players who use this fighting cock as a means of gambling, in Indonesia itself cockfighting or cockfighting is a crime. Until now there are various types of fighting cocks that are popular and most often used by chicken lovers.

There are various types of the best fighting cocks from various countries such as Brazil, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, even from Indonesia too many. Now on this occasion we will review some of the best types of fighting cocks that are most often used by chicken lovers.

Best type of fighting chicken often used by chicken loversBangkok Chicken

Which chicken lover does not know this type of chicken. As the name “Bangkok”, which is taken from the name of the capital city of Thailand, it is certain that this chicken comes from Thailand.

Bangkok chicken is not like other chickens, the spread of this chicken is very fast, in Indonesia it is very easy to find this chicken.

Bangkok chickens are known as true fighters, not only fast and strong on the fighting arena, Bangkok chickens are also considered to be the most brainy or smartest chickens in the battle arena in terms of finding effective ways to knock down opponents. That’s why this chicken is number one in the eyes of chicken lovers.

Brazilian Chicken

As the name implies, this chicken comes from Brazil, its popularity is quite high. Berazil chicken itself has a lineage with Shamo chickens originating from Japan, then over time this chicken was bred in the South American archipelago.

Brazilian chickens have a pretty great ability when the conditions get hotter. Brazilian chicken itself has a distinctive characteristic, namely the color of brown feathers with yellowish color. In terms of posture, the characteristics of Brazilian chickens are almost the same as Pelung chickens, which have a tall, sturdy body. Not only good in the fighting arena, but this chicken is also good at throwing opponents with unexpected blows because they are so fast.

It’s incomplete if you don’t have this one rooster from Brazil as one of the best fighting cock collections.

Burmese Chicken

Now Burmese Chicken or Burmese chicken is a type of fighting chicken originating from Myanmar. Also known as a true fighting cock who is fearless. Burmese chickens have the fastest punches and movements compared to other fighting chicken breeds.

However, the shape and size of a small Burmese chicken 2 -2.5 kg, the bones are also small and thin. Not a few breeders have also tried to create fighting chicken seeds from the cross-breeding of Burmese chickens with other types of chickens.

Shamo chicken

Chicken Shamo originates from Japan, also known as “Mini Ninja from Japan”. This is because this shamo chicken is known as a chicken that has fast movement and has an incredibly accurate and deadly shot.

Compared to other fighting cocks, the Shamo chicken is the most athletic in physical form, with a tall and upright posture capable of straightening up to 95 degrees when standing. Physical characteristics: has a three-split comb (walnutcomb), bright eyes, a large and strong beak. The tips of the wings are slightly out of the body, the wing joints are clearly pointed upward, the thighs are strong muscular and clearly visible.

Horizontal tail line, in the direction of the back or between the dorsal line and the color of the calf feathers is yellow or yellow with black patches for chickens with a predominance of black. The weight of male chickens is around 5.6 kg and females are around 4.8 kg.…